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Observed Weirdness of a Weblog

These people aren’t even trying…



Real quick for anyone who cares, I’ll be taking what will probably be a very long break from writing for 0verhyped. Things are getting busier at where I work and I’m feeling very burnt out again, so I probably won’t be writing anything new in the immediate future, and if this post is at the top of my home page, it means I’m still on break at the time you are reading this.

But instead of just writing a goodbye post I figured I’d do something a little different and write about some of the weirder stuff I’ve noticed running my measly little website here at WordPress. If you’ve got a WordPress blog of your own maybe you’ve already noticed similar things, but either way I feel like sharing some of the odder observations I’ve noticed looking at all the stats WordPress monitors.

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Øverhyped Fishing Resort Giveaway Results

Holy Mackerel, a King of Herrings!
(Which is actually a type of bony fish, not a herring in anyway.)

Well it’s time to announce a winner for my Fishing Resort giveaway, a contest where I challenged people to invent or retell a fishing story of their own. Choosing the winner has been made all the easier by the fact that only one person bothered to enter the contest (you know who you are). I guess a tiny blog almost no one reads isn’t the best place to hold contests.

As per my policy of protecting people’s private information, I may change certain details of this story to protect the winner’s identity, but I won’t be saying which. So good luck figuring out what if anything was changed as you read the winning and only entry in the 0verhyped Fishing Resort Giveaway.

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N0t Hyped: Excite Truck (Wii)

Trucks that go so fast that they practically fucking fly! What’s not to love?


My last couple of weeks here have been more whiny and weird than my usual affair at this place. Picking apart different games over several posts, and talking about the most emotional I ever got playing a video game, and exploring creepy and possibly sexist undertones AND overtones in Other M. I’ve been more pitiful than normal, sad as that is.

But today I wanted to talk about something fun, specifically Excite Truck. Excite Truck was actually a launch game for the Wii and published by Nintendo, and yet not many people seem to have heard of it. It was probably just bad timing. You had things like Twilight Princess and Red Steel hogging all the mainstream attention at launch and Wii Sports monopolizing most newcomers’ time. Poor Excite Truck just had too much competition.

I didn’t buy Excite Truck at launch either, I got it much later when I found it marked way down. But honestly I wish I had gotten it at launch because it’s one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Seriously, I love this game. It’s kinda hard to explain why, but I’m going to try anyways.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 4: Disasterpiece Theater)

Just hold that pose until Metroid Fusion rolls around. It’s more important you look like you did in another game that almost no one played than provide a proper final battle.


Here it is, the fourth and final part of my Other M analysis, something I’m pretty sure no one was waiting for, negating the need for me to rush it out just before midnight, a task made more difficult because I went to see Rifftrax Live tonight (Manos: The Hands of Fate). But I have a system, I’m not sure what it is, but I have it, and I’m not about to change it now, whatever it is.

So I’ve talked about Team Ninja’s portrayal of Samus, the thoughtless writing process, and Samus as a character. Basically the shit no one cares about in Other M, except maybe the authorization thing. People wanted to talk about that scene where Samus freaks out when she sees Ridley, or how she mentions “the baby” a dozen times before the opening credits, or the claim she was reduced to being a wimp who had to be constantly saved by men, or whatever.

Seeing as this is my last post talking about this subject, I guess now is the time to talk about it. In my first post I asserted that all though I think Other M sexist, it’s not intentional. I don’t think Yoshio Sakamoto or even Team Ninja went into this wanting to put Samus in her place. In fact the problem is I think Sakamoto was actually trying to make Other M a feminist piece, and failed miserably.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 3: The Character of Samus)


This is not what I mean when I say character dissection, but it’s a cool picture, so why not?


Day three of my analysis of Other M. Today I’m talking about Samus’s character, before and after Other M was released. Since Other M was likely meant to be a character study of Samus, this tends to be the single biggest point of contention in the game and where most of the arguments of sexist or not sexist come from, as well other arguments about the nature of Samus’s character in general.

This was probably the most advertised aspect of Other M too, that it would explore Samus’s character in depth for the first time. I guess it was inevitable some people wouldn’t be satisfied because they probably already had some preconceived notions of who Samus was.

But that said it’s still mind boggling what a complete mess this story wound up being. Probably the biggest problem was that even after playing Other M, I still have no idea what I’m suppose to think of Samus, and trying to figure that out is like trying to piece a puzzle back together after all the pieces have become wet and misshapen. So I’d better get started.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 2: The End Result of Sloppy Writing)

You’re probably going to see a lot of comics like this in this post.



So yesterday I talked about the ramifications of hiring Team Ninja to make a Metroid game, and why that was a terrible idea, and how it’s baffling that no one really thought it was a terrible idea.

But the biggest issue with Other M was definitely the story, that’s what got people up in arms. So today I’m just going to pick apart some of the more poorly written aspects of Other M in an attempt to understand the thought process behind some of these decisions.

Not really diving into the actual “sexist” aspects just yet because I’m trying to establish those were more the result of poor writing than out right misogyny, and I figure a good way to do that is talk about a few scenes in the game that I don’t think are necessarily sexist but still make absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist?

Take a guess to what you think my answer will be.


So it’s time for yet another long winded analysis on a video game. Because, that’s what I do apparently. Today I wanted to talk about Metroid: Other M, an incredibly polarizing game that had people’s emotions running high when it came out. The most hotly debated topic being whenever it was sexist or not.

Well I’m here today to weigh in on the discussion, and only a mere two years after the game was released. Boy am I timely! Now before I say if I think Other M was sexist or not, I wanted to say… Wait, what did I write at the top of the page?

*looks up*

FUCK! Why did I write that? And why don’t I just delete it? Great, now I’ve already spoiled the post. Oh well. Yeah I think Metroid: Other M was sexist, BUT, I don’t think it’s some kind of he-man woman hating diatribe, like some people accuse. The sexism in Other M is more a byproduct of its bigger problems, namely bad writing and poor decisions. Fair warning, massive SPOILERS for the whole Metroid series may follow.

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Last Call for a free copy of Fishing Resort

You can’t hook a big one without casting first.


Just giving anyone passing through a final heads up that I’m currently running a contest to win a free copy of Fishing Resort for the Wii. If you think that sounds like a crummy prize, then you’re free to read this post about my experiences with the game and why I like it. If you’re interested, just click the contests tab or click here to read how to enter. Remember, the deadline in August 19th. So there’s only about a week to go. Good luck.

Pointless Achievements: What a party!

No, No, NO, NOO, NOOOOO!!!!
Not another “party” achievement!

Thank god it’s Friday and I’m almost done with this stupid shit. How the fuck did I ever do this every single day? And why did I do it? It was probably those stupid psyche meds I was on at the time. Nobody even reads this shit. I should just start smoking crack already and get it over with…wait, why am I typing what I’m saying out loud?

Um, hey everyone, whoever you are. It’s time for my last post about achievements from Borderlands. Today I’m talking about the ironically named What a party! achievement from the disappointing final Borderlands expansion, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, in that it’s going to suck really hard because this achievement is the epitome of lazy thoughtless game design…

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Pointless Achievements: Speed Kills

We have vehicles and you’re gonna use them dammit!
So enjoy trying to kill a tank with a dune buggy.

Another day, another achievement from Borderlands. You might think I hate Borderlands or something, what with all these Pointless Achievement posts I keep making about it. But I don’t have anything against Borderlands, I don’t even think it’s a bad game really. It’s okay, if you got a friend to play with, I guess.

The point of these posts isn’t to solely criticize Borderlands, they’re more to criticize common trends in modern games that I find annoying. Trends so common they show up in most games actually, and Borderlands just happened to be the one I picked to demonstrate them because it has a sequel coming out soon.

But I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. Today is about another achievement from another expansion, and the trend of shoehorning vehicles into games that don’t really need them for reasons that I don’t fully understand but will pretend like I do for the sake of running my mouth for several pages.

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