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Monthly Archives: June 2013

No Plans For Future Updates

So, with one exception, I haven’t posted anything here in the last, going on like four or five months now. And to the possible disappointment of the people who read this blog (all four of you), I really don’t feel any overwhelming desire to post anymore. At least not about video games. When I started this nonsense last year, I said it was mostly a selfish endeavor to get closure on a period of my life. Or in layman terms, I just wanted to blather on about a lot of things I’d held back during my brief and ill-advised time posting on gaming forums.

Thing is, I’ve said pretty much everything I really wanted to say about this topic. Not quite everything, but close enough where I don’t have this pent up frustration spilling out and onto my keyboard anymore. The few years I spent trying to acclimate to what seemed like the norm in the gaming culture left me with this sort of deep-seated bile that I carried for some time. But at this point I feel I’ve gotten that out of my system and I’m ready to move on.

And it’s not burn out that’s stopping me this time. I’ve gone through that a couple of times before here. Whatever compelled me to write all this nonsense is simply gone now. That weird misguided passion is no more. I just do not care. Probably a good thing for me really, this probably wasn’t the healthiest form of expression and I really didn’t like the idea of spending another year doing this. I’m not gonna dramatically declare I’ll never post anything ever again, but I have no plans to update anytime in the future.

For anyone expecting more, I’m sorry. And for everyone who doesn’t like me, you’re welcome.

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