Less than amusing ramblings from a jaded former gamer.


Ever look back on your life and have regrets? I did. And instead of bettering myself I decided to just bitch about it on a blog. You know, I never thought I’d be the type to start a blog. They always just seemed like outlets for narcissistic or depressed people to preach their dogma or vent their frustrations. So I guess when I said I never thought I’d start a blog, I meant I never thought I’d actually be quite narcissistic or depressed enough to go through with it.

But here I am, a medicated old man on the internet griping about how he wasted a massive chunk of his life playing video games. Largely because loudly talking to yourself in public about that invites strange stares and occasional police confrontations. Anyways, this is 0verhyped. My own personal outlet to ramble on about how my OCD tendencies and a lack of self control led to a massive amount of time, money, and effort being poured down the drain in pursuit of make believe goals and points worth nothing.

I would like to say that this will serve as a cautionary tale and that I’m doing this so people can learn from my mistakes. But it’s not, and you probably won’t. It’s just a selfish endeavor to get a little catharsis out of all the hours I wasted and a reminder to invest my remaining time on things more productive. Like learning an instrument, or building something I can be proud of, or experimenting with drugs. (Seriously, don’t listen to those ads, drugs are awesome!)

My life really isn’t some epic tragedy for the ages, in fact it’s pretty damn boring and sad when I think about it. In the grand scheme of things I guess I don’t really have much to complain about. While other people were trapped in war zones or starving to death, I was stuck on some Donkey Kong Country 2 level trying to find a damn coin I had missed or something. I probably should have been making friends or, failing that, simply done far stupider things with my time that would have been more amusing to the people who knew me.

But this blog isn’t really meant to be all that helpful or inspirational. It’s just my own little corner on the web to talk loudly to myself while people occasionally pass by. Maybe you’ll find some entertaining or informative in my not entirely coherent rants, but I wouldn’t count on it. This place is mostly for me to offload on everything I’ve found annoying about the gaming industry in the last couple of decades, as well as my general disappointment in myself.

Just think of me as some sorta decrepit internet hobo on a virtual bus station bench waiting to shout mostly nonsense at anyone who stops long enough to listen. I might seem kinda crazy and a little scary, but I’m very easy to run away from. My point is, you can count on me to bore you with nonsensical problems that mostly exist in my head on the rare occasions we make eye contact. In other words, welcome to 0verhyped.

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