Less than amusing ramblings from a jaded former gamer.


Articles is actually a pretty big stretch. What I write really are more just rants and occasional ramblings about whatever is currently sticking in my craw any particular day of the week. But I seem to write a lot of them, and I’m not a fan of the way WordPress sorts them, so here’s a little subsection devoted to just them. Earliest posts are at the top, newest ones at the bottom. If you would like to simply start at the beginning you can click here for my first post and use the links at the bottom to follow my blog in the order it was written.

0verhyped: Basically me ranting on about whatever I’m tired of hearing about in video games. If this blog has anything resembling a feature article, it would probably be these.

0ddities: I don’t always rant. Sometimes I just want to talk about something I find interesting. Usually these posts aren’t entirely about games, but my feelings on things related to them and how they’ve affected me.

0veranalyzed: Sometimes I just think way too hard on certain subjects, and that’s when I end up writing way too much about one thing. These posts tend to be exclusively about a single specific topic.

0ff-Topic: It’s not all about games you know. Sometimes I want to talk about other things. That’s what 0ff-Topic posts are about.

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