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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 4: Disasterpiece Theater)

Just hold that pose until Metroid Fusion rolls around. It’s more important you look like you did in another game that almost no one played than provide a proper final battle.


Here it is, the fourth and final part of my Other M analysis, something I’m pretty sure no one was waiting for, negating the need for me to rush it out just before midnight, a task made more difficult because I went to see Rifftrax Live tonight (Manos: The Hands of Fate). But I have a system, I’m not sure what it is, but I have it, and I’m not about to change it now, whatever it is.

So I’ve talked about Team Ninja’s portrayal of Samus, the thoughtless writing process, and Samus as a character. Basically the shit no one cares about in Other M, except maybe the authorization thing. People wanted to talk about that scene where Samus freaks out when she sees Ridley, or how she mentions “the baby” a dozen times before the opening credits, or the claim she was reduced to being a wimp who had to be constantly saved by men, or whatever.

Seeing as this is my last post talking about this subject, I guess now is the time to talk about it. In my first post I asserted that all though I think Other M sexist, it’s not intentional. I don’t think Yoshio Sakamoto or even Team Ninja went into this wanting to put Samus in her place. In fact the problem is I think Sakamoto was actually trying to make Other M a feminist piece, and failed miserably.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 3: The Character of Samus)


This is not what I mean when I say character dissection, but it’s a cool picture, so why not?


Day three of my analysis of Other M. Today I’m talking about Samus’s character, before and after Other M was released. Since Other M was likely meant to be a character study of Samus, this tends to be the single biggest point of contention in the game and where most of the arguments of sexist or not sexist come from, as well other arguments about the nature of Samus’s character in general.

This was probably the most advertised aspect of Other M too, that it would explore Samus’s character in depth for the first time. I guess it was inevitable some people wouldn’t be satisfied because they probably already had some preconceived notions of who Samus was.

But that said it’s still mind boggling what a complete mess this story wound up being. Probably the biggest problem was that even after playing Other M, I still have no idea what I’m suppose to think of Samus, and trying to figure that out is like trying to piece a puzzle back together after all the pieces have become wet and misshapen. So I’d better get started.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist? (Part 2: The End Result of Sloppy Writing)

You’re probably going to see a lot of comics like this in this post.



So yesterday I talked about the ramifications of hiring Team Ninja to make a Metroid game, and why that was a terrible idea, and how it’s baffling that no one really thought it was a terrible idea.

But the biggest issue with Other M was definitely the story, that’s what got people up in arms. So today I’m just going to pick apart some of the more poorly written aspects of Other M in an attempt to understand the thought process behind some of these decisions.

Not really diving into the actual “sexist” aspects just yet because I’m trying to establish those were more the result of poor writing than out right misogyny, and I figure a good way to do that is talk about a few scenes in the game that I don’t think are necessarily sexist but still make absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.

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Was Metroid: Other M Sexist?

Take a guess to what you think my answer will be.


So it’s time for yet another long winded analysis on a video game. Because, that’s what I do apparently. Today I wanted to talk about Metroid: Other M, an incredibly polarizing game that had people’s emotions running high when it came out. The most hotly debated topic being whenever it was sexist or not.

Well I’m here today to weigh in on the discussion, and only a mere two years after the game was released. Boy am I timely! Now before I say if I think Other M was sexist or not, I wanted to say… Wait, what did I write at the top of the page?

*looks up*

FUCK! Why did I write that? And why don’t I just delete it? Great, now I’ve already spoiled the post. Oh well. Yeah I think Metroid: Other M was sexist, BUT, I don’t think it’s some kind of he-man woman hating diatribe, like some people accuse. The sexism in Other M is more a byproduct of its bigger problems, namely bad writing and poor decisions. Fair warning, massive SPOILERS for the whole Metroid series may follow.

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Dissecting Prometheus (And Why It Sucks Balls)

This image contains about as much meaningful content as the rest of the film. Which is to say, none at all.


So last week I saw the new Ridley Scott movie, Prometheus. A sorta prequel to the Alien franchise that Scott started so long ago. It had really good special effects, some great performances and excellent directing. It also has terrible hackneyed writing that raises maybe one or two good points that are later drowned out by how convoluted, nonsensical and poorly written absolutely everything else is.

The writing is so bad that I’ve done nothing but write this post for the last week complaining about it. Which is a really silly thing for me to do considering the rest of the movie wasn’t that bad and I didn’t actually even care all that much. But I love to bitch about things on the internet, and Prometheus seems ripe with shit for my to piss and moan about it.

I’m shocked to see anyone think this was an intelligent movie that raised important questions. Especially when it’s co-written by Damon Lindelof, who pulled the same “interesting concept without a conclusion or forethought so let’s just make random weird shit happen in hopes that people won’t notice that we don’t know what we’re doing” trick back when he did Lost.

The thing that annoys me most about Prometheus is the claim it’s one of those things where you’re “not suppose to know the answers”. Like having a million unanswered questions automatically makes you deep and beyond criticism, and isn’t often applied in a manner that hides how poorly written your fucking story is.

I don’t mind open ended stories that leave a lot open to interpretation. I’ve written two incredibly long analyses on two games that did exactly that and expressed how much I enjoyed trying to decipher them. But Prometheus isn’t one of those stories where my imagination is set ablaze with possibilities. It’s one of those stories where I’m constantly baffled how seemingly everything, from the existential to the mundane, makes absolutely no fucking sense and I feel my intelligence is constantly being insulted every time I’m asked to buy into this shit. Prometheus certainly raised a lot of questions for me, but not the ones I wanted raised.

Fair warning, this will be an insanely long post. Ironic as I don’t hate this movie or actually care all that much about the Alien franchise. However, Prometheus has that rare blend of genuine potential and baffling awful decisions that makes for some truly epic bitching. I’ll be bitching myself senseless so if you don’t like long winded rants, you’d best just stop reading right now.

I dedicate the following essay of me whining about a movie I didn’t like to Red Letter Media, whose review of the Star Wars prequels inspired me to complain endlessly on the internet. (And if getting upset at Prometheus means I should “stop watching movies”, then so be it.)

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No More Sanity: How No More Heroes Deconstructs Modern Games

Anyone got any ideas what it means? Because if not I’ve got a couple of hundred you can use.


…starts over. Wait, what was I saying?

Let me think. I know I said a while back that it is apparently indie month here at 0verhyped, as in I would be mostly talking about indie games in my N0t Hyped posts. I don’t think the very few people who were around to read that comment actually care or not if I actually keep talking about indie games for the rest of May.

But I’m a man of my word, I think. And since it’s still May (I think,) I want to talk about my favorite indie game and favorite game in general, No More Heroes. Originally I was going to do a typical N0t Hyped review, but I realized that in trying to be impartial I couldn’t fully explain why No More Heroes was my favorite game. Truth be told, its gameplay is pretty mediocre outside of the boss fights, and the story elements are the kind of things only obsessive lunatics would really enjoy studying.

Seeing as I am an obsessive lunatic though, I love No More Heroes and have finished it over half a dozen times. Instead of just writing an impartial no spoilers review where the bottom line would say “Your enjoyment of No More Heroes depends almost entirely on how much you like its surreal sense of style and bizarre meta story”, I’m going to sit down and explain why I love No More Heroes insane storytelling, and more importantly how a lot of these crazy moments in No More Heroes are actually ordinary parts of several games you may have already played.

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Braid, Life, Obsession, and the Dark Side of Ambition

.odnu reven dluoc eh gnihtemos enod dah eh dezilaer eh ynori taerg htiw dnA


So it’s Friday, that means the end of Braid week. An event no one knew was coming, and, appropriately, no one showed up for…

Yeah, can’t wait to write my really long post about what I think the symbols and themes in Braid represent just for absolutely no one to read them. Or if there is anyone, they’ll get bored after the first paragraph and just leave…

Uh, you know what? Braid means Ice Cream. The End.

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Discussing Collector’s Editions, Pre-Order Bonuses, And Other Crap

Not Included: Guarantee Of Actual Limited Availability, Coping Methods For Buyer’s Remorse, A Better Game


I’ve always found collector’s editions a little weird. Just the name “collector’s edition” seems odd, like this is something just made to torment OCD collectaholics such as myself. It’s not a “special” edition or even necessarily a “limited” edition, it’s a collector’s edition. You don’t see many collector’s editions for things other than modern video games.

I know there are movies, books and CD’s out there that come in collector’s editions, but they’re usually rereleases of classic or already well liked things. And when they’re not, it’s usually for over marketed crap like Transformers 3. With games it seems like every big budget title gets a collector’s edition at launch these days. And this seems to be a recent trend. Last generation a collector’s edition game was fairly uncommon, and usually only happened after the game was proven to be a success.

Also pre-order bonuses seem to be a bigger trend this generation as well. Last generation the only pre-order bonus I remember was if you pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, you’d get a second disc with every other Zelda game that ever appeared on a home console (minus the CDi ones which we are never to speak of). Now every game seems to have something you can only get from pre-ordering at GameStop, and if don’t you’ll lose it forever, or something.

So why the sudden upswing in all this collectible and limited time offer crap? Maybe it’s a sign of just how much more popular games have gotten in the last few years. But I’m a bitter old coot, so I think all this collectible super special limited time pre-order only nonsense is just another ploy companies use to prey on their customers’ compulsive tendencies to make more money.

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How Talent Can Make All The Difference

No fate but what we make.


In my last couple of posts I said Fallout 3 was boring. I also thought GTA IV was boring, and Oblivion, and Red Dead Redemption, and Skyrim. I found all these games so incredibly mind numbingly boring I didn’t even pay any attention when Fallout: New Vegas came out. I didn’t even bother to look at it.

And luckily, unlike that godawful oversold half-assed fucking piece of worthless shit Skyrim, New Vegas was courteous enough not to pound itself into my fucking skull at every turn by using millions in advertising to brain wash idiots into shouting its greatness at every turn. So it came and went quietly and I didn’t have to listen to a gaggle of morons drool over the exact same game that’s already been made at least twice before.

New Vegas just looked like another one of Bethesda’s cheap rehashes and I was sick of their games. I only tried Skyrim because a friend brought it over, and I turned it off after an hour because I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t incredibly boring. Then I popped in Saints Row: Third and let him experiment with satchel charges. You be surprised how much air a cement mixer can get if you strap enough bombs to it.

Later I found out the same friend had New Vegas as well, and apparently had barely played it. Since this was the winter, which is the slow season at where I work, and I was already bored, I figured, what the hell? I can try it and give it back once the boredom sets it. I did find Fallout 3 less boring than GTA IV, Red Dead, Skyrim, and Oblivion. I could probably scrounge up a little fun. Little did I know I’d be getting a lot more than my money’s worth.

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Discussing Valve And How They’ve Become The George Lucas of Gaming

Horrifying image stolen without permission from VG Cats.
(Click if you want to see the original comic.)


Constantly writing long posts for a blog that almost literally no one reads is pretty thankless work. Probably because it’s not really the type of thing anyone asks you to do, or actual work. So no one has a reason to thank you in the first place. But the one upside to writing to an audience of no one is I’m free to pretty much say anything I want.

Just the title of this post alone would get me swamped by angry fanboys at any gaming site since Valve is apparently some sort of patron saint of video games whose name we’re not to take in vain. But here at 0verhyped, I can say whatever the hell I like without having to justify it to anyone with logic or reason. Just like a homeless man who spends all day screaming into a tree at the local park. The tree can’t interrupt him, or if it can it chooses not to, and anyone passing through will take one look and just keep walking.

So with that image in mind, it’s time to start another long nonsensical tree yell-a-thon of my own. I want to talk about Valve and how this supposedly gilded calf of innovative great games has largely become a false idol who takes credit for other people’s ideas and then profits off them. Not unlike a certain once free spirited independent filmmaker turned bloated corporate control freak, George Lucas. Crazy? Yes I am, thank you. But you would be surprised how much these two really have in common.

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