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New Vegas Giveaway Results

"This is going straight up my nose."


The winner of the 0verhyped New Vegas Giveaway is John Weeren, who wrote the following piece of music for his submission.

Thanks John. As the winner you’ll be receiving the replica Platinum Chip included in the collector’s edition of Fallout: New Vegas. He was also set to receive a copy of New Vegas, but in light of the fact he doesn’t own a gaming system that can play it, he’ll simply be compensated for what a new copy of the game would be worth. The runner-up received digital copies of Fallout 1 & 2 from GoG.com as a consolation prize.

I’ll be taking a break from 0verhyped through the rest of December. So I wish everyone a premature Happy New Year.

Free Copy of Fallout: New Vegas Still Up for Grabs

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag and the New California Republic for which it stands, one nation irradiated, with cool dusters and brahmin burgers for all."

Be honest, you totally want that guy’s outfit now, don’t you?


Taking a short break from writing my New Vegas mini-guides I figured I’d just remind everyone real quick that I’m running a contest in which I’m giving away a copy of Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition and the replica platinum poker chip that came with the collector’s edition. The contests ends this Sunday (Dec. 16th) at Midnight, so you’ve got a working week from the time I’m writing this to enter.

You can find all the rules and details here, but basically I’m asking you to invent an anecdote about what you would do if a nuclear war was about to break out. You can be goofy or dramatic or anything you like. Feel free to present it in pretty much any art form that can be seen or heard over the internet. Written story, video, photoshop image, song, whatever you want. Just send your entries to JadedXGamer@gmail.com.

If you’ve never played Fallout: New Vegas you can learn a little more about it in the mini-guides I’ve been posting here. I’d recommend starting with my most recent one, which will give you an idea of the story and characters present in New Vegas. Or you could just enter the contest and maybe win a free copy to try it for yourself. Seeing as I’m a little no name blog, there will be almost no competition!

Øverhyped New Vegas Giveaway

I usually write something funny here, but I’ve been on break so long I kinda forgot how to do that…



Well it’s been three months since I posted anything here at 0verhyped, so I guess I should probably get off my lazy ass and write something. By which I mean stay on my lazy ass but actually open my word processor for a few minutes in-between looking for porn and re-watching the trailer for Bateman Begins.

So things have died down at where I work (thankfully I’m in one of the industries where Christmas isn’t a busy time), my country’s noisy as hell election is over and Thanksgiving is behind us. Since I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I’ve got plenty of free time to kill during the next few months, so why not waste some of it writing on my silly blog? (Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.)

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Øverhyped Fishing Resort Giveaway Results

Holy Mackerel, a King of Herrings!
(Which is actually a type of bony fish, not a herring in anyway.)

Well it’s time to announce a winner for my Fishing Resort giveaway, a contest where I challenged people to invent or retell a fishing story of their own. Choosing the winner has been made all the easier by the fact that only one person bothered to enter the contest (you know who you are). I guess a tiny blog almost no one reads isn’t the best place to hold contests.

As per my policy of protecting people’s private information, I may change certain details of this story to protect the winner’s identity, but I won’t be saying which. So good luck figuring out what if anything was changed as you read the winning and only entry in the 0verhyped Fishing Resort Giveaway.

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Last Call for a free copy of Fishing Resort

You can’t hook a big one without casting first.


Just giving anyone passing through a final heads up that I’m currently running a contest to win a free copy of Fishing Resort for the Wii. If you think that sounds like a crummy prize, then you’re free to read this post about my experiences with the game and why I like it. If you’re interested, just click the contests tab or click here to read how to enter. Remember, the deadline in August 19th. So there’s only about a week to go. Good luck.

Fishing Resort Giveaway Reminder

Don’t miss your chance to snag a free copy of this little gem.


I’m just making this post to let anyone who stumbles onto this place in the next few days know that I’m currently running a contest for someone to win a free copy of Fishing Resort for the Wii. I’d also like to inform anyone reading this that literally no one has entered the contest at the time of writing this post. So yeah, odds are if you’re reading this, you can win by default by simply entering.

Rules on how to enter can be found on the Contests tab or here in the original announcement. If anyone is curious to why I like this game so much, you can read this post or my review on Amazon. And just in case anyone thinks I’m crazy (about liking this game, not necessarily about other crazy things I do), Nintendo themselves recently gave Namco Bandai a trophy, commemorating Fishing Resort’s relatively good first year sales in Japan (where it’s known as Family Fishing).

So to recap: Free game up for grabs, literally no one has tried to win it yet, and this game recently got a small nod from Nintendo. Good luck! (All though chances are, you don’t even need that to win at this point!)

Øverhyped Fishing Resort Giveaway

All this and more could be yours if the price is right!

(UPDATE: This contest ended on August 20th, 2012. Click here for the results. This post left for posterity.)


So I’m (somewhat) pleased to announce a new contest here at 0verhyped.com. I’ll be giving away a (mostly) new copy of the Wii game, Fishing Resort. My apologies to anyone who thought this was a contest for a trip to an actual fishing resort of some kind, because it is not, it’s for a video game named Fishing Resort.

Now if anyone thinks that a game like Fishing Resort sounds like a terrible prize, I recommend reading my N0t Hyped post on the subject, or any of the few dozen of happy customer reviews on Amazon.com, many of which were surprised that despite the name and cover art, this game was not shovelware in any way shape of form, it was awesome.

For those of you who are too lazy to do either, Fishing Resort is the kind of game where if you have ever liked any kind of fishing experience (virtual or real) for any reason, you would probably have a great time. My only fishing experience is once with my dad over a decade ago and two Legend of Zelda games and I loved this game so much I’ve got a spare copy to giveaway today.

So for everyone who wants the game (or just curious to win a free copy so they can find out why I like this game so much) here’s how to enter. Mail me a fishing story of your own creation or recollection to JadedXGamer@gmail.com with the words “Fishing Resort Giveaway” plus whatever the title to your story is in the headline.

Said story can be an actual fishing story you experienced, completely fictitious or somewhere in between (i.e. It was THIS big). Your story can be a Hemmingway like ordeal, an absurd fantasy about fighting robot ninjas for fish or just an account of an actual fishing trip you had. Go crazy, or exercise careful restraint in your story telling method.

Whatever you want, as long as it’s tangibly related to fishing in some way I’ll consider it a valid entry. And as long as it’s well written, you should have a good chance at winning (Actually just entering at all would give you a good chance to win considering how few people visit this blog). You can send in multiple entries as well if you come up with better ideas at a later date.

Just note that It’ll be my favorite entry that wins, not whoever sent me the most. And spamming me is a good way to wind up on my blocked list, which would kill your chance of winning anything. Also, if I discover you plagiarized someone else’s story, you’ll be disqualified.

First and only prize is a new North American copy of Fishing Resort for the Wii. Winner also can elect to claim a bonus prize, a (slightly) used Fishing Resort Rod and Reel add-on for the Wii-remote and Nunchuck (pictured above). Personally I find this hunk of plastic just makes the game less fun, but if you win you can choose to take it as well so you may judge for yourself.

All though I only have a North American copy of the game, I will entertain entries from other continents. But do note, Wii’s are region locked, so this game won’t play on Wii’s not made for North America by default. If you have an imported Wii or a modded Wii that plays NA games, then go ahead and enter, and we’ll figure out the international shipping at a later date. But don’t blame me if the game doesn’t work, it wasn’t meant to be played on a Wii from another region.

Contest ends August 19th at midnight, Central Standard Time. The winning entry will be posted here at 0verhyped for everyone to see, so don’t e-mail me anything you don’t want reprinted on the web (all though I’m happy to omit personal information such as names, addresses, etc). I reserve the right to cancel this contest for any reason, the most likely of which would probably be a lack of interest.

Good luck. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at JadedXGamer@gmail.com or just leave a comment on this post. For anyone (i.e. John Weeren) interested on why I’m suddenly announcing a contest after a month of silence (minus one colossal bitch fest on a movie I didn’t like), do read on. Just know, it won’t help you win the contest.

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Øverhyped Rock Band Giveaway Winner!

Hooray for stock photos!

For my 20th post on 0verhyped I decided to start a contest. Now on my 40th post I’ve realized that trying to bribe people to visit your site doesn’t work if no one knows about the bribe in the first place. Oops. But one person did actually enter my contest, and apparently I’m a man of my word or something, so that one person wins.

Since I don’t like giving away people’s personal information on the internet, certain details in the winning post may have been changed to protect the winner’s identity. Also typos have been kept intact because I find them amusing. Here’s the winning (and only) entry in the 0verhyped Rock Band Giveaway.

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Rock Band 3 Giveaway Update

Picture on loan from Zentastic.com until such time they realize I took it.

Over a week ago I started a contest for anyone living in North America to try and win a new copy of Rock Band 3 off me. Since then literally no one has entered. Normally I’d just chalk that up to the fact that almost no one reads my crappy blog and the one person who does lives in the Netherlands and the game I’m giving away isn’t PAL compatible. (Hi John Weeren. Thanks for commenting. Sorry I don’t have any PAL region games to give away at the moment.)

But I noticed yesterday that even if someone wanted to enter the contest they probably can’t. In my original post I told people to get my e-mail address from my profile, which I assumed anyone could see by clicking my name that appears at the top of every post I write. Only yesterday I realized that clicking a person’s name on WordPress apparently just shows you everything they wrote, instead of the author’s profile.

Which seems pretty dumb to me, but whatever. Point is, if you want to enter the contest you can E-mail me at JadedXGamer@gmail.com. Sorry to the one or two people who actually did want to enter but couldn’t. If you haven’t heard about my giveaway, you can find out all about it by reading this post where I’m offering an XBOX 360 copy of Rock Band 3 to the first person who manages to talk me into it. Remember, literally no one has entered yet, so your odds might actually be pretty good to win. But you still have to impress me first.

Øverhyped Rock Band Giveaway

Hope you have a big enough T.V. to read all this crap.



It’s my 20th post according to WordPress, and I’m inclined to believe them, seeing as they track pretty everything in every way possible. Even which countries anyone who clicks on this site are from. Bet they know where in that country too, but I think I have to pay for WordPress pro to get that horribly invasive feature.

I’m surprised I’ve actually gone an entire twenty posts without killing myself, killing someone else, or deleting my whole website in some petty temper tantrum. But I haven’t done those things (yet), and I did all this without ever once having an audience. Hooray for celebrating arbitrary milestones!

Now if my experiences with Bing have taught me anything, it’s people will respond to free crap, even if what you produce is otherwise horrible. So in a thinly veiled attempt to con people into coming to this crappy blog on the ass end of the internet, I’ve decided to host my own poorly thought out reader’s (not a typo, I’m pretty sure I only have one) contest. Remember how highly I spoke of The Beatles: Rock Band? Well I happen to have an extra XBOX 360 copy I’m willing to part with, just one little catch…

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