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My Biggest Surprises and Disappointments of the Last Gaming Generation Pleasant Surprise: Team Fortress 2

I don't think it's possible for that many people to stand like that and not look badass!

Cue the music!
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Seeing as we’re in a new year and possibly a new gaming generation, I figured now is a good time to look back on what games from the last few years really defied my expectations. Either because they went above and beyond what I was expecting of them or because they were horrible letdowns that made me feel stupid for buying them. Today’s surprise is Team Fortress 2, probably the only Valve game that I think is genuinely great. (Or thought was great.)

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N0t Hyped: Earth Defense Force 2017 (XBOX 360)

Pictured: The Earth Defense Force…all of it.


Now in previous posts I’ve complained about too much mindless murder in games. But I want to make something clear, I don’t dislike killing stuff in video games. I just dislike it when killing is clumsily shoehorned into parts of a game that didn’t need it, or the game as a whole. Like how Mirror’s Edge had the option to grab guns and shoot people, even though it was a game all about free running and parkour. Or how Mass Effect and BioShock are suppose to be these great story driven games, but every other waking second is killing a bunch of mindless enemies that all look the same.

It’s like trying to make a dramatic movie where every scene not devoted to the story is a fast paced shoot out. It tends to undercut the dramatic impact of the story when you constantly insert pointless action into it for the sake of keeping certain people from getting bored. By the same virtue I get annoyed when an action orientated game has constant annoying interruptions for the sake of pretending it’s not an action game (bite me Bayonetta).

But I do like killing stuff in video games, and I feel it’s done best when the game is entirely devoted to just that one concept. So that’s probably why I love Earth Defense Force 2017. A game whose pitifully meager budget was entirely spent in two areas. Cramming as many alien monsters onto a single map as possible and creating more insane off the walls weapons than you could ever possibly need.

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